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Rowe Land & Leasing Services Information

Rowe Land & Leasing, LLC is ready to manage your project from as the first set of boots in the field up through the time the lights are shut off. We work toward your strategic vision and never forget that time is of the essence. We are knowledgeable enough to work with minimal client involvement or precise circumstances each client sees fit for their projects. We vow to keep lines of communication open, providing necessary and timely feedback about what’s actually happening in the field.

At Rowe Land & Leasing, we understand that each tract of land has its own unique characteristics and set of circumstances. We make it a priority to identify the key tracts that can be acquired easily within budget and negotiate the best terms for our clients. At the same time, we make it our objective to represent you in a professional manner so that you can rest assured that your reputation won’t be scarred by our acquisition team.

Our acquisition services include the following:

  • Mineral Leasing/Acquisition
  • Royalty Acquisition
  • Mass Mail-Outs
  • Right of Way Agreements
  • Surface Use Agreements
  • Damage Settlements
  • Curative Document Acquisition

At Rowe Land & Leasing, we’re capable and experienced in a wide range of research tasks ranging from finding the contact information for a single person to a cursory title search and review to very detailed division order title abstracting for an entire field. Our work product is be custom-tailored to fit your needs and specifications from mere source documents up to and including digital packets with an ownership report, run sheet, map, tax card, county assessor’s map, title chain flow chart and a full abstract of title.

Our title research and abstracting services include the following:

  • Cursory title search and review
  • Leasehold title search and review
  • Drill site title abstracting
  • Division order title abstracting
  • Drilling and production research
  • Heir and beneficiary research
  • Held by production research
At Rowe Land & Leasing, we’re experienced and knowledgeable at identifying and curing title issues as well as understanding the impacts that particular title defects can have. We can work with you to analyze the risk each issue presents, prioritize the risks, and, when necessary, resolve the issue to avoid financial downsides. We also pledge to get it done quickly because we know you can’t hold up the drill rig or the miner.

We know that it’s important for you to have a visual representation of your project for cross functional meetings as well as meetings with investors. Combining our title research, acquisition, and due diligence knowledge with GIS knowledge allows us to develop accurate maps that effectively communicate the issues that are most important to you.

We can provide you with:

  • Control maps
  • Historic coal mine maps
  • Lease take off maps
  • Prospect maps
  • Production maps
  • Plugged well Maps
  • Producing well Maps
  • Topographic maps
  • Title defect maps
Whether you have your eye on a county-wide prospect or a section of land, we can quickly research the county records and provide you with the current leasehold information you need in order to plan your strategic actions.
Are you interested in making an acquisition? Have you signed a purchase and sale agreement? We can provide the background research you need in order to formulate an educated evaluation of assets and then provide the due diligence research you need to get that transaction closed. Our due diligence process involves an in-depth verification of assets and ownership along with generation of an annotated defect list; then mapping the acquisition area, key assets, and defects so you can see how these defects affect your acquisition plan. After closing, we can review the files and add the acquired information to your database so the integration of the acquisition is seamless.

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